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Sponsoring Puzzle Piece Pastries is the tastiest way to support our cause.

We're Grateful For Our Tourmaline Birthstone Tier Members!

Thank you so much for becoming a Tourmaline Birthstone Tier member to us here at Puzzle Piece Pastries. Your generosity will greatly impact our community and for that we can’t even begin to express how grateful we feel to have someone as kind hearted like you as our donor. Thanks to your generous gift we are able to continue providing needed job opportunities so that we may teach, train and develop the skills of individuals with mental disabilities. In addition, becoming a Birthstone Tier donor helps us to spread some much needed joy by providing birthday cakes and birthday cards to individuals who may not have had the opportunity to celebrate. We can’t thank you enough for helping change the lives in our community one hire at a time and one birthday at a time. Thank you again for your generous support and we look forward to everything we can accomplish together.

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Bentlee!!

Bentlee is celebrating his wonderful birthday on April 2nd! If you would like to help him celebrate, send us your birthday message. We will turn...

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Happy Birthday Danely!!!

Danely is celebrating her birthday April 10! Together we can help Danely celebrate her birthday by submitting your birthday messages here. We will take those...

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Kevin’s Birthday Bash

We have some exciting news. We have just learned that we have a birthday to celebrate in the next couple of days!!! Please help us...

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Happy Birthday Matthyas

We are excited to announce that we have the first birthday of the year!! Join us in wishing Matthyas a very happy birthday! He is...

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