About Us

We’re creating sweet futures!

Why A Bakery?

Baking is a great creative pursuit that brings people closer together! Puzzle Piece Pastries is our way to share high-quality pastries and a smile. Baking is a sensory experience that allows our employees to use any one of the five senses they feel comfortable with to focus on a sense that comforts them.

Repetition & Routine

All recipes have some form of repetition, which promotes structure for those who benefit from an environment with routine and predictability. Kneading, mixing, measuring, shaping, and decorating all have a rhythm, which can be helpful to those who are comforted by constant motion.

We understand everyone has different needs and go out of our way to meet those needs. Our goal is to create a safe and fun environment for our employees and customers.

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Bentlee!!

Bentlee is celebrating his wonderful birthday on April 2nd! If you would like to help him celebrate, send us your birthday message. We will turn...

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Happy Birthday Danely!!!

Danely is celebrating her birthday April 10! Together we can help Danely celebrate her birthday by submitting your birthday messages here. We will take those...

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Kevin’s Birthday Bash

We have some exciting news. We have just learned that we have a birthday to celebrate in the next couple of days!!! Please help us...

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Happy Birthday Matthyas

We are excited to announce that we have the first birthday of the year!! Join us in wishing Matthyas a very happy birthday! He is...

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