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Flexible Participation Options

Our primary mission is to bring meaningful and educational employment to Special Needs Individuals. Our organization is non-profit, which means any and all donations and money coming in will be turned around and put back into the organization to continue helping the Special Needs community. Our donation program will be a huge factor in this mission. Your company’s donation can highly impact the lives of our employees and the community as a whole! Below you’ll find some examples of where the donations of your Donor Tier could impact our day to day operations.

Current Sponsors

Diamond - $10,000+

Obviously the tier that can make the most impact! This tier can more than cover any of the below mentioned costs, but can also go toward the growth and expansion of our organization. Our dream isn’t a one and done shop, we plan to continue to grow and open locations in other towns, and donations like this one will put us on our way to doing just that!!

Pirate Staffing provides local, custom-tailored staffing solutions that saves companies time, helps control costs and reduce risk. Remaining connected in the industry and the community allows us to provide better service to our clients and our employees.

RedCap Staffing provides employees who add real value to your team the minute they walk through the door. RedCap Staffing is committed to playing an active role in the communities we serve. 

Ruby - $5,000+

Did you know that just one oven can cost anywhere between $5,000-$15,000? Ovens and other large equipment items are a huge staple for a bakery! We will have anywhere from 2-3 ovens in our building – not to mention freezers, coolers, etc. This tier could highly contribute to these costs as well as maintenance on our equipment as well!

Lockton works tirelessly to strengthen your business with the absolute best in risk management, insurance, employee benefits consulting, and retirement services. With over 100 locations worldwide they have a team that goes above and beyond to make your business safer, smarter, and more profitable.

Aquamarine $2,500+

This donation can cover many of the above listed items, but can also be used toward our Operational Expenses! Our organization can only thrive as long as it is open, so keeping the lights on is important! This donation can be used toward many of our monthly bills, and other monthly expenses.

The NATCA Charitable Foundation seeks out organizations that serve a similar purpose, to help the under-served. Across the country, one program at a time, NATCA members, friends and family all volunteer to help bring smiles to children and adults in need.

Tourmaline $1000+

This donation can cover many of the below listed items, but can also be used toward our Special Needs Payroll, as we would be providing hourly rates for all of our employees and your donation could be used to contribute to their hard work!

Anderson Real Estate Group, LLC

Our dear friends over at Anderson Real Estate Group desire nothing more than to provide excellent customer service as they help you find the property of your dreams. 


Our friends over at Cargill provide food, ingredients, agricultural solutions and industrial products to nourish the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. Cargill Cares is a program they have to give back to the communities around them. With 159 years of experience with new innovations and insights, they serve as a trusted partner for food, agriculture, financial and industrial customers.

Emerald $500+

This donation can cover the cost of many of our small wares that are needed for daily operations such as pans, utensils, small mixers, table tops machinery, etc. We can also use this toward uniforms, paper/printing costs, ingredients and other daily necessities.

Our friends over at Toyota Industries Group Georgia, is an international company with two manufacturing facilities – TICA and TACG- which manufacture air-conditioning compressor parts & environmentally friendly compressors for Toyota and other car companies in North America. In addition, they placed our largest cookie order! Ordering 1,400 cookies to give to their wonderful staff! 


This donation section is dedicated to our supporters who become recurring monthly donors. It is because of their generosity we are able to determine how many employees we can hire, how many cakes we can give away, and how much fundraising and profit the bakery needs to make yearly. We are so thankful to anyone who is able to become a monthly donor! Your name or company will be added and stay on our site for as long as you are able to give a minimum of only $1.00 per month. This is our way of saying thank you and recognizing those who support our mission! 

Gina Buffington
Amanda Bridges Herring
Joycelyn Stallworth
Nianne Willis
Cathy and John Moore

Services Donated

This donation section is made possible by businesses offering their goods or services to help support our bakery. These goods and services can include but aren’t limited to construction, repairs, supplies, and other items needed to keep the bakery up and running. 

The plumbing shark

Shaun Harrison is a local plumber located in Gainesville, GA who we called to help fix multiple plumbing issues including a leaking sink. Shaun was wonderful to work with and was very knowledgeable. Upon spending time at the bakery and learning about our mission, he generously offered his repair services for free. These repairs would have cost the bakery $1500.  He completely took us by surprise and we truly can’t thank The Plumbing Shark enough!!!! 

Trophy Case

Trophy Case is a company located in Gainesville, GA that creates a variety of different trophies, plaques, acrylics, name badges, and more! This is the local company we went to when we were looking for our custom puzzle piece-shaped name tag as well as our labels for all of our many ice cream flavors. The staff has been nothing but a delight to work with and has donated a few items each order in a show of support of our mission! 

Simply Elegant

Simply Elegant Photography is located in Gainesville, GA and they specialize in custom newborn, infant, toddler, and children’s portraits. They also take beautiful maternity, family, and fine art photos! The owner and operator, Whitney, graciously volunteered an hour of her time and skills to take wonderful images of our bakery, and our amazing employees! We are so grateful to Simply Elegant Photography for their kindness and generosity! Thank you for capturing such beautiful photos and being so wonderful to all the members of our team!

Each and every donation is equally important and more appreciated than you can imagine. The lives that will be impacted by the smallest of donations, even just buying a cookie, will help our organization continue to operate and grow. Thank you for considering contributing!

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