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Wishing our staff and friends the happiest of birthdays!

Tinsley Rose’s Birthday

Miss Tinsley Rose just turned 3 on October 11th and is in need of some celebration. We want to go ahead and send her some birthday cheer with your wishes! We will be collecting your wishes and until October, 24 that way we can still get her these cards before October ends!!

Right now, her life consists of Doctors, Specialists and Therapy appointments and tons of love from family! She has a 11yo sister and 4yo brother that adore her. Tinsley can crawl and knows a few ASL signs, she works so hard at weekly therapy sessions.

She loves to watch Blippi & Meekah. She loves the theme song off Bluey too!! Blue & Yellow are her favorite colors to help spread awareness for Down Syndrome! In case you did not know October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month and Tinsley’s family enjoys celebrating her all month long! Let’s help make this a memorable birthday for Tinsley and her family!! Thank you for baking a difference!


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Birthday Wishes!

Happy birthdayHope it’s a blessed one! You have such a beautiful name!

To: Tinsley Rose
From: Shea

💙💛Happy 3rd birthday, Tinsley Rose! Happy DS Awareness Month, too. 💛Sending all my love. Signed, A mother of a child with Down syndrome.


To: Tinsley Rose
From: Kelli

Have a wonderful birthday filled with smiles and joy!! May all your birthday wishes come true!


To: Tinsley Rose
From: Mary

Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Tinsley! Happy birthday to you!

To: Tinsley Rose
From: Rebecca

Happy birthday little one! Thank you for letting us celebrate with you!

To: Tinsley Rose
From: The Hilst Family

Wishing you the best birthday, ever!

To: Tinsley Rose
From: Nancy

I hope you have a wonderful day, full off love and joy!

To: Tinsley Rose
From: Lissa